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Help guide to identifying deck parts.

Out front mounts, look for an identification plate.*  With all decks the width determines belts and blade size.

There are 2 types of out front decks, a rear discharge which can be fitted with a mulching kit and a side discharge which can be fitted with a collection kit.

On the mid mount decks, there is the option of a standard deck, side discharge or the 4X rear discharge. The standard deck has an open right hand side with the option of fitting a collection system. The 4X deck can be identified by an additional 4th blade in the centre rear of the deck. *  

When ordering a deck drive belt we must know if it is a standard or 4X deck as they do not use the same belt.


Mid Mount 4X Deck

Mid Mount Standard Deck

Front Mount Rear Discharge Deck

Front Mount Side Discharge Deck